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Looked at Captain Robert Hellman's 1959-1960 Cruise Book and memories.
RIP, Marine!

This cruise book is dedicated to Captain Robert Hellman, USMC.  Captain Hellman died April 19, 2008 at the age of 73.
Captain Hellman's widow, Mrs. Kathleen Phillips-Hellman provided the photos and cruise book for this site.  Please enjoy and if you knew or served with Captain Hellman we would love to hear from you (admin at vmfa542 dot com).

RIP Marine!

Here are some photos of Captain Hellman and Kathleen that she thought we might enjoy seeing. 

From Mrs. Hellman:

I realize you never knew Bob, but thought you might enjoy these and perhaps be able to post a couple in case someone remembers him. The sailing one was aboard CHIRIQUI, returning from a TransPac race.

The "head shot" was taken on 31 March 2008 (his 73rd birthday) 19 days before he died

The mare was Fiddler's Fancy, Bob's leopard Appaloosa mare with rare peacock spots. She was also quite a show horse. The sailing photo was aboard FANDANGO, Bob's Norwegian sloop.

I hope that one of his roommates (all pilots) will recognize the photos. Bob wondered all the rest of his life where they went and whether one of them married his Japanese sweetheart. We tried and tried to find them but had no success.

Bob was a Renaissance man and a builder, sailor (we lived aboard our Tancook schooner ANNA), rider, gunsmith, cross-country skier, and we enjoyed pre-1840 fur trade rendezvous all over the West in our 16' Sioux tipi. The little pinto molly he is riding was Ruby B Good, who won almost every event at Bishop Mule Days when shown by her trainer and former owner.

Bob was also a Campbell...which made for some interesting conversations with other Scots since I am a Mac Donald...twice over! His USMC uniform buttons are on his jacket, the sporran has the EGA, and his skean dubh is a K-Bar.

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