The VMFA 542 Reunion, July 22-27, 2014, in Washington D.C. was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came and shared with us. I will list those in attendance, post photos and attempt to provide some details of the event from my perspective.

This was our largest turnout since we began having these informal reunions back in 2004.

We were able to get a Host Hotel, The Comfort Inn Ballston 1211 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, VA, at a very reasonable rate for that area. Most people stayed at this location. Several people stayed at other hotels in the area and several people were local to the area.

Jerry Nicholson (68-69 Com/Nav) Winnetka, Ca
Frank & Joan Costanza (65-66 Radar) Bristow, Va
Father Charles Nalls (Family)Local Va (Brother of Capt John L Nalls KIA 1969)
Wayne & Marilyn Wolter (68-69 Flight Line) Michigan
Michael & Nyann Dordan (67-68 Radar) Alto, Michigan
Eusebio Limas (65 Hydraulics) McAllen Texas
Harry & Cindy Dilks +Daughter Kimberly & Fiancé Matthew (66-68) Manville, New Jersey
Patrick Leddy (Family)
David & Cathy Rosenbaum (67-68 Radar) Johnstown, PA
Bob & Katy Masek (68) +1 Middleburg, Va (local to DC & Quantico).
Bob & Elaine Boehle (65-66) St Charles, Mo
Ted & Mary Ann Theilmann + Guest (67-68 Radar) Carpentaria, Ca
Ed Marici+1 (67-68 Radar) Seabrook, TX
Jeff McMaster, (60-70 Hydraulics) Virginia

This event began Tuesday July 22 when we landed at a local burger place for eats and drinks. We eventually adjourned to World of Beer across the street.

Wednesday was a great time at the USMC Museum in Quantico. We took the Amtrak down and back. Dinner was at the Globe & Laurel Restaurant, a USMC themed restaurant in Quantico.

Thursday July 23 we went to Arlington National Cemetery in the morning and the National Mall in the afternoon.

Friday morning we were at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. We got etchings of VMFA 542 marines on the wall, reflected on their sacrifice and took group photos. The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent visiting the war memorials and museums. Friday night we had dinner at Molly Malone's right across the street from the Marine Barracks at 8th & I. We attended the Evening Parade.

Saturday was a day for purely socializing and planning for next year. We met in the hotel lobby dining area. We critiqued the event in DC and discussed the reunion next year, 2015. We discussed San Diego in 2015 and DC again in 2016. Being able to visit military themed venues gave this reunion a much better overall feeling. I believe that being in the San Diego area next year and being able to visit and tour some of the USMC facilities in the area will continue to provide the atmosphere we are looking for.

2015 VMFA 542 Reunion date. Mark your calendars for Tue July 28- Sunday Aug 1, 2015 in San Diego., Ca.

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