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2015 After Action Report & Photos

The VMFA 542 Reunion, July 28 through August 2, 2015, in San Diego, Ca was a big success. Thank you to everyone who came and shared with us. I will list those in attendance, post photos and attempt to provide some details of the event from my perspective. 

2015 VMFA 542 San Diego Reunion is now in the history book.  This was our largest turnout with 14 Tigers showing up in San Diego. Everyone had a great time.  Thank you all for being a part of a fun week. Most were staying at the Hampton Inn in downtown San Diego, ca.  Ted & Mary Ann Theilmann were at the "W" San Diego.  Jim Mabbott commuted from Carlsbad, Ca.  Tim Jackson commuted from Garden Grove, Ca. Richard "Skeater" Skeate commuted from Crestline, Ca. 

1.  Jerry Nicholson 68-69 Com/Nav, Winnetka, Ca
2.  Jim Mabbott 67-68 Flight Line Carlsbad, CA
3.  John & Carolyn Slawinski 67-69 Com/Nav Glendora, Ca
4.  Robert & Linda Sherman 68-69 Com/Nav Richland, Wa
5.  Ted & Sue Beaudet 68-69 Flight Line Lake Luzerne, NY               
6.  Rocky & Debra Hudgeons 68-69 Flight Line, Edna, Texas
7.  Eusebio Limas 65-66 Hydraulics, McAllen Texas
8.  Ted & Mary Ann Theilmann 67-68 Radar, Carpentaria, Ca
9.  Wayne & Marilyn Wolter 68-69 Flight Line Mn & Az
10. Dale & Kathleen Hargadine 66-68 Ordnance Vancouver, Wa
11. Thomas Smith 66-67 Ordnance, Wayne WV
12. Dennis & Cheryl Duval 68-69 Com/Nav Milwaukee Or
13. Tim Jackson 63-66 Radar Garden Grove
14. Richard "Skeater" Skeate 65-66 Flight Line Crestline Ca

We packed a lot of activity into a little bit of time.

Day 1 Tuesday July 28, 2015
On Tuesday as we arrived at the hotel and met one another.  We had our meet & Greet at the Princess Pub & Grille, a British Pub, on India St.  Afterwards we walked back to the hotel and visited in the dining
room area until late. 
2015 Day 1 Meet & Greet Photos

Day 2 Wednesday July 29, 2015
Wednesday we visited the USS midway Museum.  We toured the entire ship but the two F4 Phantoms were what caught our attention the most.  We had a late lunch at the Kansas City BBQ Cafe, where parts of the film, "Top Gun" were filmed.  We had dinner in the little Italy section.  We split into several groups for dinner and my group ate at Tratorria Fantastica restaurant.  The Italian food here was excellent and the service was great.
2015 Day 2 USS Midway, KC BBQ, Dinner in Little Italy

Day 3, Thursday 30 July, 2015
Thursday we were able to have the hotel shuttle take us to Balboa Park.  We visited the Air & Space Museum and the Auto Museum.  Back at the hotel we had our marine get together and showed photos and other memorabilia from the old days.  A lot of stories about our time in VMFA 542 were shared.  We discussed the 2017 West Coast reunion.  Several locations were brought up for consideration.  San Francisco, Ca, Seattle, Wa, and Portland, Or were discussed.  We also discussed a trip to Viet Nam, not as a reunion, that Ted Theilmann and I want to put together for sometime in 2017.  We had dinner at Anthony's Fish Grotto on Harbor Drive right on the bay. 
2015 Day 3 Balboa Park Air & Space Museum, & 2016 Planning Meeting

Day 4 Friday July 31, 2015
Friday was our big day.  We went to a Marine Graduation at MCRD San Diego.  It was an awesome event.  This was the first time back to MCRD for many of us.  Bob & Linda and Dennis & Cheryl had been back when their marine sons had graduated.  We had lunch in the The Bay View Restaurant, that used to be the Officer's Club.  The rest of the day was spent touring the MCRD Musuem and shops.  Dinner was once again at the Princess Pub & Grille.
2015 Day 4 MCRD Graduation & Tour

Day 5 Saturday August 1, 2015
Saturday was an open day for folks to explore San Diego and a few had to leave for home.  Saturday evening the MCRD Marine Band had a concert in Little Italy  from 1800-2000.  Several of us attended this excellent performance.  Afterwards we once again had dinner at Tratorria Fantastica restaurant.
2015 Day 5 Open Day

Day 6 Sunday August 23, 2015
We said our farewells at breakfast and made departed for home.  Well that is it for the 2015 reunion. 

The DC reunion will be scheduled for Tue Aug 2, 2016 - Sunday Aug 7, 2016.  See you there.