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Looking for Vietnam Buddy (Dick Phillips)

Searching for a VMFA 542 Marine? Post your search here! Read this - maybe someone is looking for you.

Looking for Vietnam Buddy (Dick Phillips)

Postby silvereagle1942usmc1 » 11 Dec 2009, 18:29

I am looking for Dick Phillips who was from Penn. The last time I saw him he lived in Costa Mesa, CA and was going to Orange Coast College. We were in VMFA 314 then transferred to VMFA 542 in Dec. 1965.
We were in the Radar/Avionics Section in Danang from 12-65 to 8-66, when I left Vietnam. I have located other 542 personnel (Jerry Daniels, John LoPorto, Terry Martin and Winston Allen) also some from VMFA 314 from same time (Ed Andre, Bruce Cohen, Jose Torres, Ron Marrese, Atis Lubvas, Ray Babush, Bruce Durst, John Petratia, John Salitros, Wayne McDonald, Tom Farmer, Bob Strelcheck) if you know any of these guys and would like to contact them. Others I remember and would like to find are Mike Harris, "Moon Mullins" from Ala., Bob Long, "?" Brandon, "wilke" Wilkerson, Ron Shaver from Org. and the last time I saw he was working for Hughe's Aircraft in Newport Beach, CA,

I am also seeking Ted Hebert who was in VMFA 513 (USMC 62-66) who was from Clearwater,FL area.
I was in PLT 366 at Parris Island 9-1-62 to 11-62, then Middleton, TN after Camp Geiger,NC. To El Toro 11-63 and in H&MS Radar Shop to went to VMFA 314 and onto Japan on USS Valley Forge.

Would like to hear from anyone in the Radar Shop in 314, 542, 323, 115 and 513 from this time period.

Thank you for any assistance you can give.

Tom Boland, 411 Bally Bunion Lane, Columbia, SC 29229 (803)788-7736
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Re: Looking for Vietnam Buddy (Dick Phillips)

Postby Jerry Nicholson » 11 Dec 2009, 19:34

Welcome aboard, Tom. Let some of those other guys know we are here. And all welcome, even other squadron.

I was in 513 at Cherry point before I went to Danang and after they rotated back to CONUS. I think Bob Clark, username clarkbobalu, was in your era.
Jerry Nicholson
"Semper Fidelis".
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Jerry Nicholson
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Re: Looking for Vietnam Buddy (Dick Phillips)

Postby SgtJJS » 27 May 2012, 10:54

Great to see this VMFA 542 site and thanks to all responsible for it's creation. I was with the Radar (Fire Control Radar) shop from Dec '63 until sometime in '66 when i was assigned to a different squadron upon return to El Toro, my discharge was Nov '66.

It was great news when, in '65, we received orders to deploy overseas early and the brand new F4's we received just before our departure. I lost my Vietnam "Tour" book in a home fire in 2002 so i was hoping to see it posted here. Maybe someone from our '65-'66 tour will post it.
My memory is fussy about a lot of details at DaNang, i remember the heat/humidity, the heavy/hot tents (lucky if you had a parachute inside), we did not have "jungle fatigues or boots" so a lot of mildew. Bathing at the side of a large open water tank, urinals were PVC pipe stuck in the ground, movies on a sheet spread between two poles(charlie watching via the backside). Who can forget the sidewinder incident, i never really knew who fired that thing off, all safety devises had to have failed.

The next reunion is on my bucket list, it will be 50 years since VMFA 542 got their first F4's in Nov '63.

JJ Switlik
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