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Parris Island

Parris Island

Postby John Slawinski » 07 Apr 2009, 20:39

I enlisted in May of 1966, went to boot camp in July. We rode the train all night from Ft Lauderdale to Jacksonville for processing. They sent us by Greyhound to Parris Island, arriving around midnight. The Corporal of the guard pulled his M1911A1 and put it to the head of the guy sitting across from me and asked the Sgt if he could shoot just one of them as de hadn't done one in over two weeks. Finally the Marine Corps bus took us to the recruit receiving barracks. SSGT Savage (it was on his name tag) told us to get the F off of the bus quickly. He proceeded to punch the first guy off in the mouth. We weren quick enough. Finally we got to stand in the yellow footprints. Welcome to Parris Island, Welcome to the Corps!
John Slawinski
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Re: Parris Island

Postby bwilson » 04 Feb 2012, 12:32

I too joined and shipped out to Parris Island June 6 ,1966. Hit the yellow foot prints June 9,1966 and it hit the fan from there. We took the train from my home town of Mansfiled , Ohio stopped in Washington D.C. and then headed south. I was in Platoon 1006.
My third grand son just joined up and I have 2 other grandsons who have served multiple tours in Iraq and Afganistan. Zack got hit in a fire fight a few months
a ago but is healing up pretty good and wants back in the fight. I am dam proud of all the boys true Marines. My father who was on Iwo would be equally proud.

SSGT Bob Wilson

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Re: Parris Island

Postby GCWilly » 06 Feb 2012, 10:05

Bob, these days seems like enlistments in any branch of the military is getting lower and lower .... really scarey. You do have a lot ot be proud of in those kids. God bless them all .... and, you .... for being part of their Chain of Command.
Semper Fi ....
Gary Wilson
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