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Hollywood Boot

Hollywood Boot

Postby CALUSMC » 07 Apr 2009, 18:21

Seotember 25, 1963. This is a date I will never forget! I can't remember other exact dates in this time period unless I look them up. The less than friendly gentleman with the brown Smokey Bear hat that thought I was hearing impaired. That has to be the reason he shouted in my ear. I won't forget him! The nice ladies at Atsugi,,, nope, I didn't forget them. The nice ladies at DaNang,,, yup, I remember them. I don't want to forget the nice ladies at Iwakuni 'cause I remember them too. My wife of 39 years says "I'm glad I didn't know you back then". I'm house broken now, have become an old retiree and lead a simple life. This is my first introduction post and I picked this board to say hello in. I consider my time in VMFA 542 the high point of my time in the Marine Corps. My time at MCRD, San Diego wasn't a high point but an eye opener, if ya know what I mean. Best regards, Calvin
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First Name: Calvin
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Re: Hollywood Boot

Postby mrlee » 14 Apr 2010, 15:29

I got to Hollywood on Nov. 9, 1965. By 05:00 I was wondering why this man was yelling and spitting in my face. If he wanted me to do something, all he had to do was to say so. after shaking the cobwebs out a few days later, I realized that that man was my D.I. and I was supposed to be afraid of him. After that, they couldn't scare me, or make me mad. I just pushed myself more. I busted up my left foot, and caught pneumonia, so they put meto work at sick bay as the lead of the triage team, until I was up to going back to duty. It was amazing how popular I became to my head D.I. when wanted someone on light duty. I was the one he came to give the guys fool proof 24 hour light duty symtoms. Iwas in 3rd Batt. and R. Lee Ermey was in 1st Batt. D.I. at that same time.
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Re: Hollywood Boot

Postby Skeater » 28 Jan 2013, 10:30

I come from a long line of Marines (both family & close friends) so it was a given I would also join. They all told me: NEVER VOLUNTEER, FOR ANYTHING! I was in the Corps for about 4 hours, getting "indocrinated" in Receiving Barracks. I was really tense,waiting for the next round of verbal & physical assaults to my exhausted senses. Than this guy came into the room, asked very calmly if any of us had a license. Seemed innocent enough to me so I raised my hand. ! ! ! ! ! Yup, everyone else got to hit the sack for a couple hours of sleep; I and some other guy got to "drive" some floor buffers all night. I NEVER volunteered again, ever.
Somethings you never forget: my hut was Billet 3E7, Platoon 334, I Company, Capt Elshire (KIA later)commanding. Bottom bunk 3rd from door on left side, combination 32-12-37, My 1st General Order is - - - - - -, etc
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